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Tips to Choose the Best Cat Furniture

Cat furniture comes in different names such as cat towers, cat climbers, cat scratchers, kitty condos, cat condos, cat gyms and cat trees. Despite the term you use it basically means cat furniture. The purpose they serve is the same. It is advisable you identify furniture that your cat will not scratch and cause damage. There are various types of cat furniture made of different material. It makes it challenging to pick the right cat furniture. Read on to know what to consider when choosing cat furniture.

It is important you consider the coverings used on the cat furniture. Carpet in the past was used to make cat furniture. Cats love scratching on carpets. Hand-made models are still made of carpet covering. However, fabric lops are usually used for carpeting nowadays. Fabric loops don’t shed much when cats scratch. Technological changes have advanced and acrylic material known as faux fur is used to make the coverings. It is durable because it does not have loops.

When buying cat furniture, you need to pick the right size. It is not wise to select the exact size of furniture. Keep in mind that you cat will keep getting bigger. You want to purchase furniture that will serve your cat for a long time. If you own more than one cat, you want a big cat tree that can accommodate all the cats comfortably.

Select cat furniture that has a platform that is balanced and firm. Cats keep jumping on things that are above them. Choose furniture that is balanced to accommodate the weight and movement of the cat. You don’t want your cat tipping over.

Consider design when choosing cat furniture. Cats needs furniture that is comfortable. Choose a design with comfy materials so that your cat can stay longer at their spot. Setup is of great importance. Some cat furniture come already assembled while others you need to do the assembling. However, detachable cat furniture is ideal for easy movement. The setup will be based on your preference.

Identify cat furniture that comes with a scratching section. It prevents your cat from scratching your carpet and couch. It is vital you select a store that is reliable when looking for cat furniture. Google and identify stores that are within your locality. Read reviews and testimonials online to identify reputable stores.

It is essential that you come up with a budget before you head out shopping. A budget will help you identify cat furniture that are within your budget range. Compare quotes from various stores to come up with a reasonable budget. Ask for recommendations from friends who have bought cat furniture before. It is advisable to you visit a few store before you buy cat furniture. Consider furniture that is of high quality material so that it may last longer. Choose a brand that is well-known.

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