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Understanding the Work of Aviation Safety Inspectors

Aviation safety inspectors work hard to ascertain the safety and functional state of aircraft including its aircraft operators, processes and parts. They certify mechanics and operators, perform surveillance and issue certification. They also ensure that all the different practices happen in established and set rules and that all aircraft comply with these set standards. The inspectors are the first ones to carry out accident investigations involving planes.

The inspectors also spend some good time searching for aircraft mechanics and repair facilities, making them the people responsible for maintenance and certification. The aviation safety inspectors must check the practices and parts of an aircraft and take an active role of keeping up with the certification and maintenance. The aviation safety inspectors have the purpose of evaluating all equipment like the mechanic training programs and making sure that the planes are worthy of flying. They also make sure that all the processes, parts and pieces of the aircraft are in good working order and right to operate.

There are two different kinds of aviation safety inspectors – the carrier and general. The difference between these two professionals is the aircraft size that they inspect. As a general principle, they take care of aircraft of below 12,500 pounds. In the air carriers, the safety inspectors deal with planes of above 12,500 pounds. The inspectors are accountable for all the things to do with the aircraft they have been assigned.

The educational qualifications are not the most integral part of training for this post. One is required to have a minimum of a high school diploma, although having a college degree is very important. The aviation safety inspectors have the experience, skills and knowledge of dealing with aircraft mechanics. This is the knowledge that is directly transferable to the role of inspectors by helping them prep for it. Avionics or repairing or aircraft parts usually is enough experience to prepare for an aviation safety inspector.

Similar to all other government posts, there are specific qualifications one must-have. For one to be employed for this position, they must be a citizen, have a good vision needed for inspections, and have a valid driver’s license. Depending on the specific facility, other qualifications may be required.

The best method of being hired in the aviation safety inspector post is by having the best work background. People who are experienced in repairing aircrafts are the right candidates for this job. It is not possible to be hired for the post without the proper skills and experience for the mechanic’s role. Those working like mechanics on aircraft parts have the right experience levels needed to be hired like an aviation safety inspector. Understanding the components and how the plane is put together is a primary component of being hired for this post.

Even though they are located outside their home environment, aviation safety inspectors can travel to different locations to inspect aircrafts. The usual working environment of these professionals is the aircraft hangar, where the right inspection takes place. The person will typically have an office to fill out any required paperwork and get ready for the examinations. Nonetheless, most of their time is spent on aircrafts doing the required duties.

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