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A Starter’s Guide to Becoming a Couponer

Extreme couponing, you’ve seen it on the television shows and you have probably seen it in real life as well. Imagining yourself standing in line for a good amount of time because of the person in front of you in the checkout line has a hundred or so coupons ready to be scanned might not be an ideal situation. But as you wait in line for what feels like forever, you start to think to yourself, why do people do this extreme form of couponing?

And at this point you start to become quite envious of these extreme couponers. How are they able get something that is worth a few dollars to couple of cents, and even on some occasions get paid to simply shop? Do I have what it takes to be a couponer?

We are here to give you all the answers to your questions and give you some couponing tips. Are you all ready to save some money? Carry on reading to find out more and learn how to become a couponer!


To become a couponer you will need to prepare a few things in order for your journey to be a smooth one. Heres a quick list of things that you should have ready.

1. A laptop or computer
2.A printer(a laser printer preferably)
3. A clear book

You will need a computer for those online coupons and a printer for printing them out. It is preferable that you use a laser printer because it can save ink, and you will be able to print out more coupons on a single sheet. A plastic binder or a clear book or any kind of organizer will allow you to organize and store your coupons.

Time To Find Your Coupons

A newcomer might be surprised to know that your coupons are going to need a little bit of hunting in order to acquire. You don’t just go online find a website and have all your coupons and save hundreds on an instant. You are going to have to find different coupons from various sources in order for you to add them up and save big money.

Here are some couponing tips on how to find them.


The number one couponing tips that is relevant to our modern age is to find your coupons online. Check out brand or manufacturer sites to see what coupons they have to offer. lSome websites have a cool feature which is the newsletter where you are able to sign up for notifications about any new deals they might have.

Click the coupons you find and simply print them.


Going old school for our second couponing tips is checking out our local newspaper. You heard it, there are some sweet deals lurking, waiting to be found, within the newspaper. Just cut out any valuable coupons.

A great couponing tips is that you find more than one copy of a single coupon as much as possible, this means gathering more than one issue of a newspaper.

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